Brutal and beautiful, melancholy and joyous, “Supa Modo” is simultaneously crushing and uplifting.

Brent McKnight, Seattle Times

Endearingly bleak, charmingly honest, Supa Modo is not (only) a superhero movie, but it is super, heroic, a treat, even a blessing.


Balancing sadness with comedy and with a great cast, especially Stycie Waweruwho plays Jo, she lights up the screen and is able to see and understand what is happening to her but her illness isn’t going to stop her from having fun.

Katie Hogan, Vulture Hound

A love letter to the power of escapism, a devastating portrayal of grief and a Kenyan family drama that defies stereotypes, Supa Modo serves as an important reminder that even when heroes die, they can continue to inspire others long after they’re gone.

David Opie, Little White Lies